What if Jesus didn’t come from some other realm to bring us the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather he was someone who discovered a new realm of possibility…
A few weeks back we shared a post on the impotence of the phrase “thoughts and prayers” that seem so pervasive today in Christian culture. Similarly…
And did Dr. King see our current interpretation of Jesus and his teachings as merely a passing stage of humanity's spiritual progress?
The author said if Jesus wasn't God we should disregard him altogether. What if there's a better response?
Take Ownership of Your Year In a recent post we discussed the subtle message of passivity that can be absorbed after a lifetime in church. Even as one…
Hello and I hope this first week of the year was exactly what you wanted and/or needed it to be. This week I was able to engage in a fascinating study…
And have you been waiting (a little too long) upon the Lord?
Image above by the talented artist David Hayward aka The Naked Pastor Cultural icons The Magi are an inseparable part of our cultural celebrations of…
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Reorder: Deconstruction & Reimagining Christianity